We go deep inside your markets to think outside the box.

We go deep inside your markets
to think outside the box.

We go deep inside your markets to think outside the box.

We're not normal

We have a deep and unrivaled understanding of the world in which you do business. Our clients span all aspects of animal health and wellness, and our insight stretches across all stakeholders - from veterinarians, farmers, producers, and pet owners to key opinion leaders, as well as the market infrastructure and ecosystem in which they operate.

Our aim is to give you the time and freedom to think clearly and the skills and vision to be confident that you can deliver results. We live and breathe strategic animal healthcare marketing, and our breadth of expertise is not normal.

But that’s why you’ll love us.

What we can do for you

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From market research, sales analysis, and customer profiling to our unique level of experience across species, disease states, and categories as well as markets, territories, and regions.

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From brand workshops and strategic road mapping, go-to-market planning, and channel strategies to research, analysis, and strategic optimization for brands big and small.

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From branded content, storytelling, and award-winning creative campaigns to a creative approach to every challenge and innovative way of thinking.

Our experience and expertise can help you make an impact in the market and plan and evolve your brand to generate abnormally brilliant results.


Our understanding of the animal healthcare world goes beyond what we do for our clients.

We strive to make a meaningful impact on the entire industry, and that’s why we roll up our sleeves and get involved in a range of worthy initiatives.

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Local animal shelter support

We have been, and will continue, donating to local dog and cat homes.

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We gave our time to develop, promote, and provide ongoing sponsorship for an app that supports vets who are struggling with mental health issues in a safe, confidential interface.

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Mindful practice

This mental wellness module of Veterinary Dialogue Trainer was created in collaboration with the Circa Strategy team and St Anna Advies to improve the health and well-being of veterinarians.

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